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As soon as the groundhog fails to see his shadow, clothing store owners start shopping for their spring inventory.  You might be wondering which wholesale sunglasses and other accessories will make your customers look fabulous this spring.  No matter your clientele’s tastes, Apparel Candy has sunglasses that will make your customers look awesome while protecting their eyes.

Even the Accessories Have Accessories

One of the missions of Apparel Candy is to provide clothing and accessories that look expensive, but are actually very affordable. So that your customers can buy them at reasonable prices, Apparel Candy sells them to you, the retailer, at the lowest possible wholesale prices.  Your customers can buy sunglasses that look just like designer ones, whether they are going for a glamorous look or a sporty one. Best of all, Apparel Candy even has accessories for the sunglasses. Practical people can find sunglass cases and strings, and the truly stylish can choose sunglass stands.

Beyond Sunglasses

Apparel Candy has made a name for itself with its stunning sunglasses, but sunglasses are just the beginning.  On the Apparel Candy site, you can also buy wholesale purses, shoes, cosmetics, fragrances, and, of course, actual clothing.  No matter your store’s specialty, you can buy your entire spring inventory from Apparel Candy.  Its merchandise can outfit a resort wear boutique as well as an accessory store with a target demographic of preteens.  If your clientele is really into practical bargain shopping, you can stock your store with sweaters and jackets from Apparel Candy.  These winter items will attract budget conscious shoppers who prefer to buy their clothes out of season.

Let your eyes be your guide to realizing your vision for your store’s spring inventory. You will find the coolest looks at Apparel Candy.

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