Cute & Cozy Fashion Dresses and Pants | LUVYLE

Hi guys, in today's article I'm writing about the online store called LUVYLE. If you didn't hear about it then you must be living under a rock because It's getting more popular every day.

Before I show you my favorites from their two categories that I chose to represent to you, I have just wanted to quickly mention that they have a new promotion. Since It's Chinese New Year and people who live there celebrate it with joy and happiness they wanted to share that feeling by giving you a discount. You can take a look at the promotion details on the banner below:

Yeah, you read it just right. You can save up to 60% off on the clothes that are available due to the promotion and even get $10 off on orders over $69 using the code HNY10, and $20 off on orders over $109 using the code HNY20. The promotion is active from January 31st to February 9th.

But, that's not all. If you spend more then $59 you get the free shipping option. Great, isn't it?

Okay, now onto the first category that it's called cozy fashion dresses. I chose this category in particular because I just love wearing comfy clothes and there isn't anything more comfortable then knitted jumper dress, agree?

Here are my favorites:
* You can check them out by clicking on its photo.

The second category that I wanted to mention is called fashion cute pants. You can never have enough jeans and pants, am I right? But what if I tell you that I found the most comfortable pants ever and that they are made from the same material as the famous teddy jackets.

Here are my favorites:

That's it. I hope that you like my choice.

With love,
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