How to Wash Weave?

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All textures are beautiful. However, all textures are not created the same. Maxglam has offered a great amount of variety in their forms and shapes among straight weaveloose wavescheap hair bundleslong curly weave, kinky straight and kinky curly, also there is not lack of body wave and deep wave. When it comes to naturally curly hair, there is a lot of confusion. Maxglam was first inspired to address this concern in the community by the celebrity.

The goal of Maxglam hair is to help you identify for yourself what types are most similar to your own. Most textures get lumped into one broad category, but all curls are not the same. Your texture may require different care and products. In order to know which products would best benefit your hair, you need to know the differences in hair and correctly identify your own. Our goal here is to help clear up any confusion so you can not only know your hair type, but also embrace it for your best textures like straight weave、loose waves、cheap hair bundles、long curly weave, etc. We have also included helpful tips and suggestions on caring for the specific hair types, as well as product recommendations to keep your texture looking their best. But one of the problems is that how you wash your hair weave and maintain them as the first time.

So today I am going to show you how I wash weave. Welcome back to my channel and keep watching to learn how to maintain your hair weave. This is one quick tutorial video to wash the hair weave and here I use several bundles hair weave. It is very easy and let's get started! First of all, I have run the water down onto the water channel mixed with shampoo, then stir them resolved or you can shake your hands like what I did so as to make sure the shampoo and water was mixed. Next is to put the hair in the shampoo-water and wash it bundle by bundle. Make sure the bundles are in the water and with foam then slide through from the weft top to the end so that there would be tangles free. Okay, after I have done the washing, I wash the bundles hair by watering it so as to make sure shaking the shampoo off and out of the hair. Then, I use conditioner into the water to mix as I did before. The reason why I use conditioner is that it can make the hair more smooth and soft after you wash out and do more protection to your hair. So, put all the bundles hair in and left them dipped for 10 minutes, then I barrel them into a micro-bucket and left them for around 15 minutes. After then, I ran some warm water to wash the hair conditioner out of all the bundles hair. So that is the bundles weave wash clean~ Thank you so much for watching and I hope you guys love it and learn from it.

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