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It's been a while since I wrote an article like this. I'm really happy because I have the opportunity to represent to you one really awesome site called JJsHouse.

- About the site -

JJsHouse is an online shopping site founded in 2007. They offer wide range of beautiful wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening and special occasion dresses etc. It's really amazing that they offer really beautiful, high-quality dresses, accessories and shoes that are also really affordable and they can also proudly say that their customer service is one of the best because they are always willing to help you and answer on any question that you may have.

I know that is really important for all of us to look special on some kind of special day (prom, wedding, formal event...) so I really think that you should check out site that I already mentioned and I'm sure that you will find something that you would wear.

Now, after I introduced this site to you It will be my pleasure to show you a few of my favorites from three categories that are available on their site and that are called Evening GownFormal Dress and Evening Dress.

- Evening Gowns -

Why I like these dresses?

- The first one, in dark blue color, is just stunning. I love the way it looks and how elegant it is. The second one which is in dark grey (almost black) color is my "future" prom dress. I absolutely love it and I will definitely consider buying it. The third dress is the real evening gown because It's very simple but It's also really ladylike and elegant.

- Formal Dresses -

Why I like these dresses?

- Personally, I don't really like dresses that have lots and lots of details on them so this kind of simple dresses are my "go-to" dresses for any kind of event or celebration. The first and the last one are actually the same but in different color and I love them both. They really look amazing and I really like their "halter neck" style and their length. The dress in the middle of this collage above (grey) is so adorable and I like it because It has a simple design but It's unique on its own way.

- Evening Dresses - 

Why I like these dresses?

- Since the first time I saw this dress (the 1st one from the left) I knew that I would put it in this article because I fell in love with it, I really did. I didn't expect that I would like dress with so much details but I guess that I can make an exception. The red dress is "screaming" word elegance because It really is elegant and It compliments the figure too. The third dress, which is in dark blue color, is so unique and It also looks really pretty. I love it because you can wear it on several events and It can still look conveniently.

So, all I have to say at the end of this post is that if you liked these dresses you should definitely check the whole offer on their site - HERE because I'm pretty sure that you will find at least one dress that you will like to own and wear.

- That's it for this post, I hope that you like it.
- Please share your opinions with me in the comments.

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