3 Ways to Straighten a Frizzy Full Lace Human Hair Wig | Elfin hair

Having a frizzy full lace human hair wigs is not all that bad... right girls? I consider it another form of human hair wigs style...Hmm... I must have gingered your thoughts right? Every style can be the start of the next trend. But if you are fed up with that frizz, here are three methods that can help you get rid of them faster than you can ever imagine. Without freezing into much of your time let’s just get down to business. The three methods we are going to be discussing today are 1.Heat methods; 2.No heat methods; 3.Tame the frizz

Heat method is the most common and easiest method that everybody loves going for, but it does have its up and downs. So if this is the method you opt out for.

Here is what you need to do: Make sure to wash the hair or start this process on a damp hair. Wash your hair with a co-wash and make sure to rinse properly to get out all the products. Air dry or use a blow dryer or a straightening comb depending on your hair type choose the bristles wisely. Apply heat protector- better if you use one with keratin and a bit of oil. Now using a detangling brush, brush through the full lace human hair wig to make sure all those knots are out. Using the hot flat iron of choice and a rattle comb, do the chaise method to straighten the human hair wig. This way the comb straightens it out to make it easy to pass the iron through. Depending on the temperature of the flat iron, decide the number of passes you want to do. And viola..... You are done.

The second method is the no heat method. This is for those that are very cautious of heat damage to their full lace human hair wigs or those that want their human hair wig to last very long.... the economic type... I mean. So if this sounds like you...

Here is what you need to do: First, brush through the hair to reduce the frizz. Wash your hair with a non-greasy shampoo and rinse properly. Pat dry with a towel and using a tangle teaser to smooth the human hair wig down. Straighten the roots by pulling the hair into a ponytail and using a fine tooth comb pass through. Now using a bobby pin pat the hair into thing section, comb and wrap it around the front of your head and secure with the pin. Do this for all the hair and wrap in a scarf and sleep in it overnight. Allow to dry perfectly and remove all the pins. And again viola... there you have it, smooth straight frizzles human hair wig.

The last trick is to tame the frizz. All you need is a serum, paddle brush and a silk scarf (this is a must have). Take a damp hair and add the serum and massage it completely. Now brush the hair, putting all the hair on one side continue to brush . Wrap the hair round with a silk scarf and sleep in it. Take the scarf off and there you go.

These three methods will leave you with no frizz, smooth, sleek human hair wigs.