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SRB: Elizavecca je koreanski brend koji se bavi proizvodnjom i prodajom preparativne kozmetike. Ako ste neko zaista vodi računa o nezi kože mislim da je ovaj brend idealan za vas. Ja sam imala tu priliku da sklopim saradnju sa njima i zato vam u ovom postu donosim recenziju čak 4 proizvoda njihovog brenda koji su mi stigli na adresu još pre par meseci i od tada ih aktivno isprobavam.

ENG: Elizavecca is a Korean brand which produces and sells the preparative cosmetics. If you are that kind of person who takes care of their skin, I think that this brand is great for you. I had the opportunity to make a collaboration with them so in this article I'll review 4 products that they've sent me a few months ago. As soon as I received them I start using them and that's why I made some impressions about each and every product that I'll be mentioning.

Ovo su proizvodi koje sam dobila i kako su oni bili upakovani/These are the products that I've received and you can also see how they were packed:

SRB: Stigli su za manje od dve nedelje, bili su veoma lepo upakovani i mogu vam reći da sam oduševljena i sa korisničkim servisom jer su zaista spremni da odgovore na sva vaša pitanja.

ENG: The products arrived for less than two weeks, they were packed really nice and I can tell you from my personal experience that I'm also thrilled with their customer service because they are really kind and they are ready to give an answer on your every question.

SRB: Oduvek sam htela da isprobam neku masku koja je samo specijalizovana za negu kože oko očiju. Ja sam neko ko ima izrazito tamne podočnjake (genetski) i ponekad kada ne spavam dovoljno kapci usled umora umeju da mi budu naduveni odnosno otečeni. Ova maska je idealna za takve situacije jer savršeno hidrira predeo oko očiju, "izbeljuje" okooločni predeo tačnije ublažava tamne kolutove i diskoloracije i pomaže u borbi protiv bora jer ih umanjuje ukoliko koristite ovu masku jednom do dva puta nedeljno. Sve u vezi ove maske mi se jako dopada i zaista deluje sasvim zadovoljavajuće jer savršeno osvežava pomenuti predeo, a pritom je i pakovanje preslatko i jednostavno kako da odolite a da ne isprobate ovaj preparat.

ENG: I've always wanted to try out this kind of mask that is only for the eye area. I'm that kind of person who genetically has dark circles under eyes and sometimes when I don't get enough of sleep my lids get all puffy and swollen in the morning and this mask is ideal for that kind of situations because it perfectly hydrates that area, it whiteness the eyes aka it makes dark circles to appear less visible and it also helps with any discoloration and also it improves wrinkles if you use this mask once or twice a week. I really like everything about this mask and I'm thrilled with its effects because it perfectly freshness up the eye area, and also the package is really cute and simply you can't resist to not try this product.

SRB: Kao i prethodna maska i ova se nalazi u preslatkom pakovanju koja je takođe i veoma interesantno i odaje sam efekat ove maske. Koristi se tako što pre svega očistite lice i na suvu kožu nanesete masku koja je u vidu tkanine koja je natopljena tečnošću, sačekate 15 do 20 minuta i nakon toga vam koža bude čista, glatka na dodir i hidrira, a pore su otčepljene. Odlična je i pre šminkanja kao priprema za puder jer se ponaša slično prajmeru. Mnogo mi se dopada i sigurna sam da ću poručiti još koju kako bih isprobala i ostale maske pošto u ponudi postoji čak 10 različitih maski za lice koje imaju takođe različite efekte i pogodne su za nekoliko tipova kože.

ENG: Like the previous mask this one is also available in this cute packaging which is very interesting to me and It also reveals the effect of the product. It's used in the following way: first you clean and prep your skin by making it dry with the towel, second you put the mask on your face and relax for 15 to 20 minutes, then you just remove the mask and smear the rest of the fluids into your skin. After your skin absorbs the product It will be clean, smooth, hydrated and the pores will be taking care of. It's excellent as a primer before putting foundation because it prepares the skin very good. I really like it and I'm pretty sure that I'll order the other kinds of this mask because they offer 9 more other masks with different effects that are suitable for a few types of skin.

SRB: Moram da priznam da sam se najviše radovala isprobavanju ovog proizvoda jer nikada pre nisam koristila serum ovakvog tipa koji se dozira uz pomoć pipete. Serum dolazi u preslatkoj kartonskoj kutijici, a sam proizvod se nalazi unutar staklene bočice. Serum se izuzetno lako dozira i tekstura mu je poput vode. Pogodan je za sve tipove kože i sadrži čak 50ml. Dizajniran je da pruži dodatnu hidrataciju i da učini kožu čvršćom i sjajnijom. Pomaže kod neravne teksture kože usled proširenih pora i ožiljaka od bubuljica i akni, ali takođe pomaže kod kože koja gubi na čvrstini i koja nije dovoljno elastična. Koristi se tako što se kapaljkom nanese nekoliko kapljiva na čistu i suvu kožu lica, zatim se prstima nežno umasira u kožu lica i vata i nakon toga se šakama par sekundi tapka nežno po koži kako bi ona što bolje upila serum. Ukoliko se koristi svakodnevno, za 4 nedelje kvalitet kože se znatno poboljšava što sam i sama iskusila. Zaista vrhunski proizvod koji je bukvalno preporodio moju kožu. Svima vam ga iskreno preporučujem!

ENG: I have to admit that I was most excited about trying this product because I've never used serum of this kind which is dosed with a pipet. The serum comes in this adorable cardboard box, and the product itself is in the glass bottle. The serum is really simple to use because of the pipet and its texture is like the water. It's suitable for all skin types and it contains a 50ml of liquid inside the bottle. It's designed to boost hydration and firmness for a visibly radiant skin. It also helps with the dullness of the skin and its uneven texture, and also with the loss of firmness and elasticity. It's used in the following way: every morning and every night the first step in your routine should be to clean your skin and dry it with the towel gently, then you should put a few drops of serum on your whole face and neck and smooth in gently all over the skin with your fingers, then gently press the face and neck with your palms because your skin needs to absorb all the product evenly if you want to get the best results. If you use it every day, in 4 weeks the quality of your skin will get improved and I can confirm that because I've tried it on my skin too. This is an amazing product which made my skin a million times better, I really recommend it to anyone.

SRB: Konačno, stigli smo i do poslednjeg proizvoda koji čini ovaj Haul. U pitanju je njihova čuvena crna maska koja je zapravo 2 u 1 jer kada je nanesete ona je potpuno crne boje, ali nakon nekoliko minuta kada krene da zateže kožu jednostavno okvasite ruke i umasirajte proizvod u kožu kružnim porukama i počeće da se stvara siva pena pa će onako nabubreti. Zatim sačekajte nekoliko minuta i isperite je mlakom vodom. Maska sadrži 4% crnog uglja i zato sjajno čisti kožu. Takođe pomaže u uklanjanju viška sebuma i čišćenja pora, ali samim tim daje koži svež i zdrav izgled, ali i glatkoću i mekoću. Maska je veoma interesantna i dopada mi se njen efekat. Dolazi u pakovanju koje sadrži 150ml što je zaista ogromna količina. Pogodna je za sve tipove kože i toliko je nežna prema koži da se može koristiti i dva puta dnevno, odnosno ujutru i uveče svakoga dana.

ENG: Finally, I represent to you the last product of this beauty haul. This is their famous bubble black mask which has 2 effects. When you first apply it on the clean skin It's black and when It's starting to get dry you should wash your hands and let them stay wet because when this mask came in contact with water it becomes grey and It forms little bubbles which really tickles but in a funny way. Then, you just have to wait a few minutes for product to work the other way too and then you just have to wash it with the lukewarm water. The mask contains a 4% of charcoal and that's why it cleans skin this good. Charcoal ingredient helps to keep skin clean. Charcoal Bubble BlackBoom clean-up crew clears the way for moisture skin to act its best. It helps flush out environmental dirt, sebum, and debris that can clog the pores and that can cause the skin to look dull. It leaves the complexion clarified, refreshed, and healthier-looking. It came in a package that contains a 150ml of product which is a really good amount. It's suitable for all skin types and because it is really gentle to the skin you can use it twice a day, usually in the morning and in the evening.

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  1. Super recenzija,odlicno si opisala svaki proizvod. Pakovanja tih proizvoda su preeslatka! 😃


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    1. Drago mi je da ti se dopadaju i da delimo isto mišljenje. Hvala ti, draga! ♥

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  4. Drago mi je što si zadovoljna ovim proizvodima jer ja trenutno isprobavam iste. Sa nekim zapravo nisam još počela, ali sad mi je lakše kad znam da su dobri, haha. ❤️

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    1. Mogu ti reći da je sa punim pravom hvale jer zaista jeste tako. Iskreno se nadam da ćeš imati prilike da isprobaš neki proizvod jer je njihova kozmetika savršena! Uvek, draga. ♥ Hvala tebi na divnom komentaru. :*

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    1. Hvala ti, Šehada! Drago mi je da ti se dopada recenzija. ♥

  7. Ovi proizvodi su tako kjut, tako interesantni i simpaticni, da sam ja odusevljena. O kvalitetu nisam kompetentna da diskutujem, ali jedva cekam da i meni stignu kako bi ih isprobala. Divna recenzija draga Mico, predobre fotkice!


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