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In most countries (especially USA) Halloween is a very special festival/holiday that is most often celebrated by kids, but the teenagers and grown people love to dress up in costumes too, so It's not very strange that they also want to have fun on the October 31st.

Due to a lot of obligations and busy schedule sometimes we don't have a lot of time to spend it on making costumes for ourselves, but that's not the reason to not be part of this amazing occasion because in this article I'll be writing about an online store called Lolitain which have a wide range of very interesting items that are associated with Halloween such as, for example, vintage Halloween dress for girls, costume wigs online, cheap Halloween shoes, real witch hat, gothic cloak, Halloween bags personalized, Halloween cheap socks knee high and professional Halloween masks.

So, I really felt inspired by a wide range of stunning clothing items and accessories that I had to make 3 Halloween costume ideas for all of you that need an inspiration.

My advice is to place an order as early as you can so that you can enjoy the upcoming event without having to worry if your package will arrive on time. On their site, they offer a flat expedited shipping via FedEx, UPS, and DHL and they say that the estimated delivery time is 7 to 15 days which is pretty good, right? But that's not all, with each order they'll send you a free mask that is worth $10 as a gift. If you ask me, I wouldn't ask for a more perfect present.
As I have already mentioned, It’s time to show you the three Halloween inspired costume ideas that I prepared for you.

Take a look at the collages below and share your opinion in the comments of this post! I would like to read your opinions.

- Outfit No. 1 -

This is a perfect example of what I would like to wear to the festival such is Halloween. I really like this outfit because It looks very ladylike, old-fashioned, vintage and retro but also sexy and attractive. I decided to choose a lace head decor piece in black color which will serve you not just for this costume but for many Halloween festivals in the future because It can be combined with almost anything. It has beautiful lace details, black crystals and It was and It still is usually worn by widows and classy people like Queen etc. Since I wanted for this outfit to have some similarity to pin up style I picked this adorable but also sexy black and white dress that has crosses just like the leather bag and if you ask me they go perfectly together. Is this just I or this dress reminds me of something that would wear a modern nun or waitress that we seen only in movies? As you can see, this dress is very unique and has a lot of meanings, but It was the most suitable for nuns and the women who work at the Church. However, I wanted another item in the same color combo and I chose this adorable shoes that look really high-quality. These shoes were actually worn by young girls who were going to boarding school or schools for learning manners.  And of course, that’s not all. Since I wanted to make this outfit to really stand out I picked black knee-high socks that really compliments this outfit. Fun fact - those kinds of socks were often worn by young Korean girls at school or similar places.


a) Black Lace Imperial Crown Veil Half Face Gothic Lolita Mask - HERE
b) Aria Series Short Sleeve Gothic Lolita Dress - HERE
c) Silver Cross Rose Black Gothic Lolita Kylie Bag - HERE
d) T-shaped Buckles Bowknot Lolita High Heel Shoes - 4.5cm - HERE
e) Black Fashion Lovely Pink Lace Sweet Lolita Knee Stockings - HERE

- Outfit No. 2 -

The second costume idea is more suitable for young girls then for women, but If you are a teenager I really don’t see anything wrong with you wearing it. The dress that I picked is the cutest clothing item that I have ever seen and I think that It would look good on anyone aka any body shape. It's unique because of the combination of sexy upper part and the childish but cute colorful prints on the bottom part. It's great for all of you who are big fans of the Holiday that I already mentioned. As you can see on the collage above, I paired it with the simple black witch hat, adorable pumpkin-shaped bag and cute leather heels with bows on the back. Is there anything more adorable than this combo?


a) Magic Tea Party Halloween Pumpkin Head Printing Gothic Lolita Sling Dress - HERE
b) Halloween Witch Gothic Lolita Medium Pointed Hat - HERE
c) Halloween Devil Pumpkin Gothic Lolita Shoulder Bag - HERE
d) Pure Color Cute Bowknot Sweet Lolita High Heel Shoes - HERE

- Outfit No. 3 -

The 3rd and the last outfit that I’ll show you is this old-fashioned one that reminds me of something that would wear women in the Royal families, Queens and even Katherine Pierce from the Vampire Diaries which was my inspiration for this combo. I chose this beautiful blue long dress gown with black lace details which goes perfectly with the sunshade umbrella because It’s in the same color and also has the same vibe. However, I wanted to complete this outfit with something different and very unique and that’s this head decor piece that consists of a crown with blue details and stunning black veil. This outfit is literally my favorite one and I would definitely wear it as a costume for the Halloween celebration party. What do you think about it?


a) Palace Style Gorgeous Lace Edge Lolita Prom Dress - HERE
b) Multiple Colours Lace Princess Classic Lolita Long Handle Sunshade Umbrella - HERE
c) The Bride Doll Series Pearl Indigo Gothic Lolita Crown Veil - HERE

- That’s it for this article, I really hope that you like it.

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