Lolita Dress Will Keep You From Making Mistakes at Christmas Partie

The bells of Christmas are giggling once again, and as expected gifts are sold and bought. This time of the year showcases love and beauty and the splendor attached to having both in the right proportion. This year I will be attending parties, to slay and get a man. Falling in love is a powerful feeling I really do not want to recover from. The joy of being pampered in the arms of the man you love the most during a time of the festivity likes Christmas, are a blend of magic. To describe my type of man doesn’t take much time, I have always put my rules and specifications before me each time I go on dates, parties or during random outings, so when a man doesn’t for into these plans I am quick to shove him off, with every sense of respect and admiration.

So for this Christmas,I am checking in on, the online market that provides me with the best outfits for the season. I am not just concerned about dresses this time; I am concerned about everything I need to look adorable and extra confident. Lolita dresses, Coats & Jackets, Lolita Blouses, Lolita skirts, Lolita wigs, Lolita bloomers, Lolita accessories, and Lolita shoes all of them are perfect for this time, I can look chic and affordable. Lolita gives me a wide range of options to choose from, which is why to love it and recommend this online shop for everyone. What dress will be the most appropriate this year, is what I am on a look out for. So I log on to the online market at and found these beauties called Retro Elegance Christmas Red Woolen Lolita Coat and the Cute Ruffle Bowknot Lolita Low Heel Shoes



Which brings to memory why I am choosing a low heels pair of shoes this time. Last year, I had a really embarrassing moment with my shoes and my dress, this had a way of helping me coordinate my choice of clothes, so this year I am sure of delivering the best at every party I attend. Last year, I was invited to a party by my friend, it was taken place at her office, the end of the year party sought of thing. She works at the top tier law firm, so I really did not expect too much of stairs and climbing. Unfortunately, for me, this what exactly what I met at the venue of the party. Being an end of the year party there were lots of people, a lot to eat and drink as well, it was an avenue to network and have fun all the same. So, not long I lost my friend, she had to attend to other persons, as she was one of the organizers of the event. I was a bit lonely, so I decided to meet people, who know, I may just get my major business break here or better still meet the love of my life, I thought. 

I had worn a crop top,a ring trouser, a chain box bag, and a high-heeled shoe. I was sure that I was perfect, and in fact, I was, things just went out of hand because I walked around the venue too much and meeting people, that my legs began to hurt so bad, so just when I thought that I should just sit and take a rest. This really handsome man came around for a dance, he looked like a box of chocolate, I couldn’t resist, I knew I wouldn’t last 2 minutes dancing, I said “yes, of course” with my best smile. I was tried to enjoy the dance at the same time, control the leg aches, in the next minutes I fell so bad and hit the ground so hard, I had to leave that party abruptly, not minding who saw me or who did not see, I just wanted to go home. Straight away I got a cab, and I was home. It took days to get healed. So this year I made preparations on how I would have fun and yet network without leg aches or wardrobe malfunctions. I chose my outfits from and got them delivered to me.
At the Christmas party this year, I wore my Waltz Series JSK Wine Red Elegant Classic Lolita Slings Dress, my Retro Elegance Christmas Red Woolen Lolita Coat and the Cute Ruffle Bowknot Lolita Low Heel Shoes, all swagged up and extra confident. This time the party was at my workplace, which had more space and more stairs. I was there on time and ready to have fun, I stood at the center of the hall, making me the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. The compliments kept coming and I felt really good. “Your dress is beautiful”, “where did you get them?”, “you look beautiful”, “can I dance with you?”. I danced almost all through the event and drank good as well. Met people I shared the same business orientation with and also met the love of my life, I had kept the coat with my friend at the bar, so I was freer and able to dance more. I met Ivan during one of my episodes of dance. To cap it all up, I was awarded the best employee best-dressed employee for that party, awards I had craved all my adult life.


Parties are a part of Christmas. They are important part of the whole festivity, more than drinks and foods, it is necessary to laugh and forget whatever struggles you had during the year and embrace a different even as you prepare a new year. Clothing isn’t just to create attention and get eulogies from admirers, they also tell a lot of about your person. Which is why it is important to dress as appropriate as possible, don’t underdressed or overdressed, just be comfortable and be able to enjoy the moment.