Vampire? Witches? Lolita Will Be Your Best Choice for Halloween

Vampire? Witches? Lolita Give You The Best Choice for Halloween

With Halloween only two weeks away, it’s time for you to start thinking about what to wear. We’ve picked out a few clothes that are perfect for the occasion.

The first item discussed in this article belongs to the Gothic Lolita style type, it is a gorgeous blood red cloak which is going to help bring out the vampire in anyone. The Cloak features a V-shaped collar with an intricate lace on the edges, it is cut in several layers so it falls elegantly. Vampires typically those that belong to the higher class have been known to wear capes and this one fits the billing perfectly, combined with a fully black outfit with military boots for a more modern take on the vampire. If you’re in the mood for a regular and classically vampire look combines it with a long black dress. This cloak can be worn by anybody trying to go as a vampire this Halloween. Combine this cloak with a blood red lipstick as well to really bring it out and heavy eyeshadow to unleash your inner vampire this Halloween.

A part of the Gothic Lolita style, this long coat brings out various different Halloween elements.  This coat would help pull off a modern-day witch look with wearing a hat. The coat can also be combined with the aforementioned cloak to give off a Gothic vampire look, it’s really very versatile in terms of the Halloween elements incorporated into it and can be worked into most looks for Halloween. The coat is made out of black wool combined with a little bit of cashmere and is naturally very warm as well. It is recommended to be worn in cold days that can keep you be warm and fashionable.  The coat is appropriate for most Halloween events and can easily be incorporated into various costume ideas. This coat combined with the “Steampunk Pestilence Black Long Beak Doctor Gothic Halloween Party Cosplay Mask” will make a very impressive plague doctor costume. Wear heavy makeup with dark red lipstick if you want to incorporate vampire elements into the look. For a more sorceress or which look, wear heavy shadow combined with a dark shade of lipstick, black would be ideal. I can make sure that heads will turn wherever you go with wearing this cost on Halloween.

Steampunk Pestilence Black Long Beak Doctor 
Gothic Halloween Party Cosplay Mask

If you need a cute bag for this Halloween, look no further, this adorable bag is a part of the Lolita bags series and is sure to bring out your Halloween spirit. It incorporates various different elements of Halloween that are sure to hit the sweet spot with enthusiasts. The bag features a pumpkin face stitched on it and also has a tiny pumpkin switch with the iconic face carved in, nothing gets more Halloween than seeing those carved pumpkins. Furthermore, the bag is also wearing a witch’s hat, which makes it even more festive. This bag, however, will not pair well with a serious Halloween costume, a vampire carrying this bag would look a bit silly, but if you’re going for a cute witch outfit look no further than this bag. Pair it with some fun makeup as well, this bag is typically suitable for the younger age group and is made of PU leather.

This dress belongs to the sweet Lolita sub-type and features many different Halloween elements, such as the significant number of bats on the dress, bats are one of the most common Halloween decoration and are something that you immediately associate with Halloween and vampires. The dress also features some adorable animals that have large red demon eyes. The dress is purple and white and is made out of chiffon so if you’re in a relatively colder region make sure you pair it with a cloak or a shrug. This dress can be worn with makeup featuring lighter tones and would look very cute on Halloween. The dress is very fun and short and is suitable for younger people and can be worn to any Halloween event, except ones that ask you to dress up as something scary. 

Another one of the Gothic Lolita substyles incorporates various different elements of Halloween, Jack Lantern Pumpkin is the staple food of Halloween. The dress also features images of black cats that have been notoriously been known to be a witch’s preferred pet and features several creepy looking towers in the background. There is a bow that is shaped like a bat in the front of the dress, this dress would fit in any Halloween themed event perfectly. The dress is made out of 90% polyester and 10% cotton and can be styled with a cloak or a shrug if going to a more formal event and can be worn with a pair of stockings on a more casual one. The dress would look good with a makeup look featuring lighter colors, similar to the one used in the dress.

This hooded coat incorporates several different aspects of vampires, witches and sorceresses style. The coat features a cloak which helps you remain shrouded in a hint of mystery, the coat features a cape which is deeply associated with vampires and the intricate design of the coat gives off a hint of magic, perfect for a truly epic Halloween costume. This coat can be worn with a pair of black tights and that is enough to pull off a vampire/sorceress look. This coat can be worn by all age groups and isn’t as warm as the one mentioned in the article earlier, which means that it can be worn in warmer weather as well. It is made out of 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex, the coat is black in color and weighs 1.6kg. It’ll look suitable on any age group and can be worn to any Halloween themed event. A look features heavy eyeshadow and a deep red shade of lipstick would go great with this.

All the clothing items we mentioned are great picks to wear on Halloween. They all incorporate a Gothic element which suits Halloween and are also unique to wear in today. It’s reminiscent of what Halloween originally was, and wearing any of these would show the true Halloween spirit. The Lolita Cloak is a true vampire costume rendition (ask anyone from the middle ages!) while the Gothic coat and the pumpkin bag are perfect Halloween items. The Bat Coffin dress and Pumpkin skirt are also great choices for looking cute and creepy or maybe dressing up like a doll. There isn’t much we need to say about the hooded coat, whether you’re a vampire, a demon, an assassin, or a ninja, it suits all!