Visiting Lolita And Be a Beauty

Lolita Fashion for those who don’t know is a well-rounded fashion line that has its provenance in Japan. Contrary to popular public opinion Lolita fashion is highly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian children clothing, which in layman term means it has got nothing to do with sexually enticing apparel. Lolita clothing or Lolita fashion is known for its distinctive aesthetic, its captivating beauty and childlike cuteness. Furthermore, this clothing subculture in our opinion is the most inclusive fashion subculture of all, because it caters to needs of all kinds of people. From classic to Goth to sweet the Lolita fashion line is an all accepting and giving fashion line. Seeing the light of the day during the early 1990s in Japan, this subculture is now considered one of the most wildly spreading fashion subculture of all time. Today, we have decided to take you with us on this journey of discovery and enlightenment; here you will see what Lolita is all about, and how you too can adopt this unique yet adorable fashion cult.

The volume of the skirt is the fundamental component of Lolita fashion. Volume is added by using petticoat or crinoline under skirts and dresses, while some DIYs also suggest using layers of spare clothing to make the flare fluffier. There is no restriction on the length of sleeves but usually, full-length sleeves characterize most of the Lolita style dresses. One thing that requires special attention is the length of the dress, usually most dresses worn by girls that have embraced Lolita fashion prefer knee length dresses but others have dispensed this notion from time to time. Long story short, Lolita fashion is about reminiscing childhood, hence most of the designs, cuts, and silhouettes you will see will be capturing the playful spirit of children clothing. Now without further ado, let’s get into the details of few outfits:

1. The Goth Goddess

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Be the ultimate model for others to look up to as you flaunt this super Goth Lolita outfit. We have paired a black satin gown dress that has a body fit silhouette. With flared full-length sleeves that have an elastic enclosure, this dress gets the perfect Victorian touch. From sleeves to the deep V neck that caresses the cleavage and gets fastened at the waist with the matte black broch this dress is an epitome of black beauty. It enriches your soul and gives you the freedom to embrace your sexuality. Outfit gets all its charm when complimented with an equally regal lace veil. Made with mesh polka dot fabric, and adorned with lace, artificial crystal and gold alloy fittings this veil covers the eyes and forehead making the wearer look exquisitely intriguing. This look can be sported on a cold autumn day with a vibrant red pout, we here call it The Goth Goddess look. Here is where you can get it:

2. Strawberry Shortcake Look   
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No one should be deprived of their childhood, or from the fact that they want to live it again – lolita fashion is all about maintaining that childlike innocence throughout adulthood. It is rather a way of life than just a cult trend. This Chocolate strawberry Sweet Lollita Silling dress is the actual depiction of sweet lolita fashion. It translates the playfulness and amusement of little girl who is obsessed with flowers and strawberries.  As we mentioned earlier, this look comes under the sweet Lolita subcategory, whose proponents prefer knee-length dresses, bright shades of pink, red and white with frill embellishments which you are likely to notice on little girls’ frocks. This particular look is made of two very conventional pieces that are central to Sweet Lolita Fashion: a knee-length frock and a huge bow hair hoop. The frock mimics strawberry shortcake inspired frocks for children while the hair hoop compliments the overall look as it adds the extra oomph and lifts up the whole girly look. We have paired these two pieces together on our own, but you can ahead and choose your favorites: from stockings to earpieces, from Hello kitty bags to pink accessories – the choices are endless. Here is where you can get this look:

3. Classic Prom Look   

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Last but not least, the classic Lolita look is our favorite. Featuring the amazing Victorian style prom dress, this Navy Blue off shoulder dress speaks volumes of regal elegance and panache. With the intricate embroidery on velvet fabric and motifs design at the bottom, this dress looks like it has come right out from some Shakespearean theatrical. We have tried to twist it around by pairing it up with floral earrings that are handmade from crocheted fabric. These earrings are used to balance out the conventional look.  While we think this dress brings out the femininity in women, we also are happy over the fact that this dress can be paired in more than just one way; removing or adding a single accessory can change the whole look. For instance, it can be paired with a hat that has a floral setting on it – this would be a strictly Victorian outfit. Get this look here:

The most interesting fact about Lolita fashion clothing is that they give you the autonomy to choose. With very little you can do a lot, that is by pairing one jacket with stockings one day and on the other, with a tee, you can achieve two completely different looks – making this cult trend pocket-friendly. Speaking of which, Lolita fashion is also about inventing and recreating your own style. It is literally about expressing yourself, who you really are, all through your clothes. Consider dressing up every day according to your mood and getting judged by no one because they too understand it. No matter how arduous it looks at times to onlookers, those who have been following this trend accept it as a means of life.