How To Dye Virgin Brazilian Hair

Although I do not recommend dying your Brazilian Hair additions at home without the help of a professional hair extensions stylist I understand that there may be times when we just have to create a way to do it on our own.

First things first, do a spot test on a little spot of locks before coloring your video in additions to avoid damaging the entire set Human Hair Weave. You can do this by combining some locks dye in a dish, implement to a little spot of locks, then check to see if you have the right color once the dye has developed.

Second, do not use more than 10% volume bleach to prevent the additions from dehydrating since additions do not normally repair like your own. To reduce dehydrating effects it would be best to use a cream based dye. To get the perform done without needless incidents, ensure that that you have enough to operate perfectly. The space should have a lot of light. Position the linens of tin aluminum foil across your workspace to protect the table from discolorations. After preparing the materials you should hair comb the Brazilian body wave human hair weave additions to remove all the troubles. If you have applied any design products on your additions ensure that to clean them off first with a making clear hair shampoo and let them dry thoroughly before you implement dye.

Next is to prepare large by following the company's guidelines, although the most color is mixed with equal parts color and designer. Wear your safety gloves before combining the correct quantity of color and designer into a large dish. You can now lay the additions across the aluminum foil and implement the dye from top to bottom making sure to coat every single string. You can use a hair comb to equally spread the locks dye while putting it on. Allow the additions to dip in the dye for the allocated period of time before washing it out of the additions.

Are you one of those females who are out to look for the best brazilian hair vendors. Best actually differs for every individual based upon on several aspects like what they need them for, how long are they intending to use it and how much are they willing to pay for it. These aspects will help you on what your best choice will be.

The final step is to simply hang them up so they can air dry. Once they’re dry you can install your new colored hair.