Items That I Recommend | BANGGOOD WISHLIST

Hi guys! After a long time, I'm finally writing a wishlist. This time the items that I chose to represent to you are from online store Banggood and if you aren't familiar with the already mentioned site read the next paragraph.

Banggood's story:
Banggood was founded in 2006, and at that time it was specialized in computer software research and development. It shifted its business to international e-commerce services, and since then it has become an online retailer selling almost everything you may need or think of.  Their motto is “Best bang for your buck”, and they follow it by ensuring that their products have exclusive deals and special promotions only for you.

The items that I recommend in this article I found really interesting because I couldn't find them on any other site of this kind.

Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb is something that I didn't think about until I saw it on their site but when you give it a thought you realize that this is something that is very useful but also available for such affordable price, If you aren't familiar with the name of the item take a look at the photo below:

The second item that I want to mention is something that I would definitely wear all day long throughout the whole year. I'm talking about hooded sweatshirt dress. Take a look at it below:

Quite cool, isn't it?

But If you aren't this kind of person then I recommend you to check out the category called sexy blouses. This is my personal favorite:

And since this is a random wishlist why wouldn't I mention something even more useful and cool. How about solar garden lights? They are so amazing because you don't need to charge them or to use power, you just have to "plant" them into your garden and they'll charge themselves throughout the day with solar energy (sunlight). But, at night they'll help you walk without falling or anything like that because they offer natural, subtle lighting. Take a look at these ones:

And if you think that's all, it isn't.

Since the Summer is approaching and all the shops started selling cute and fashionable items that will get you prepared for the next season I just quickly wanted to mention 3 categories that maybe will be interesting to you. Check them out, they're called womens sweatshirts, nail ringsand ankle bracelets.

And because I couldn't resist to show you something that really inspired me and that I think every single one of you consider it before buying some ordinary and casual shoes read the next paragraph and click on the banner below that will take you to the Socofy store.

Socofy mainly focuses on women’s shoes, Adopting new materials and technologies, the products mainly include Sandals, Slippers, High-heel shoes. The quality of product and comprehensive strength are highly recognized by customers.

That's it for this article. Do you like my choice?

With love,