Some Ways to Identify Quality of Human Hair Wig

Wigs can be divided into human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. And we all know that 100% human hair wig has a higher price and a higher quality than synthetic hair wigs. However, does the expensive wig really have good quality? Today I provide you with some ways to identify the quality of a human hair wig. And you will benefit from this blog when you buy a wig.

1.The appearance

The appearance is the most direct way to identify the quality of a wig. First and foremost, the length of low quality, lace wigs is different, because the hair may be collected from many people instead of only one person. Next, the low-quality hair wig is easier to be frizzy so you may find that there is always some flying hair in a wig, especially for Indian curly hair wig. Actually, for the high-quality hair wig, it is definitely collected from one person, which means the length of hair is the same. At the same time, it is also smoother and shiner. Hence, there is no excess flying hair around the wig. What’s more, the color of the high-quality wig is more bright and lustrous, like Peruvian straight hair wig. On the contrary, for the low-quality hair wig, its color is obtained by dyed, so it is not the same natural as high-quality hair wig.

2.The wash times

In general, high-quality hair will still be good no matter how many times it is washed. and the wash should not affect the quality and smooth feel of the wig. However, the low-quality hair wig may become very rough after one or two washes. Also, it is very easy to cause knot and hair loss for low-quality hair wig. If you do not pay attention to it during the washing process, it will not only cause hair loss but also not withstand washing for a long time.

3.Whether it can be reprocessed

For low-quality hair wig, it already has been processed before. So it cannot be dyed or bleached. Otherwise, the hair of a wig may easily break and loss. On the contrary, for high-quality hair wig, whether body wave Brazilian hair, Malaysian water wave wig or Indian short straight bob wig, there is no any problem to be dyed and permed. You can reprocess it as you like and style it to the popular hairstyle.

4.The touch

 You can easily feel that high-quality wigs are relatively smoother, and there will not be any hair loss when your fingers pass through the wig. However, for low-quality hair wig, there can be left a lot of hair between your fingers if you do that.

In conclusion, what I’m talking about in the above is based on a real human hair wig. I hope you can buy a high-quality wig without wasting money. And a high-quality wig can last for a long time.