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Sometimes It's not quite easy to find information about wigs and their hair texture so that's why I wanted to write about some differences between the available hair textures. The information that I got to share in this post is from the online store called Nadula. But before I start to write about that I recommend you to read the next few categories to get familiar with the site itself.

Nadula came into being when the golden sun shined through the founder’s hair 15 years ago. As a global human hair brand, Nadula never changes its commitment to be an ambassador of beauty bringing natural, durable and luxurious beauty to every woman all over the world. Natural, durable, luxurious is Nadula.

Their motto is natural, durable and luxurious and by that they consider:
• Natural - In the last 15 years, Nadula has been persisting in providing real, natural and easily maintained human hair to achieve the most natural beauty look for all consumers.
• Durable - To make the hair last longer, Nadula constantly improves its manufacturing techniques and equipment with the latest innovation. Meanwhile, it keeps updating hair care tutorials on all of its social media channels.
• Luxurious - In order to satisfy every customers’ fantasy about wigs, Nadula strives to be the best from the selection of materials to unique craftsmanship to personalized service.

Nadula, not just hair, is a supreme pursuit of beauty!

Differences Between Hair Textures:

What's the differences between Brazilian virgin hair, Peruvian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair, and Indian virgin hair? - The differences are more apparent in the hair's reaction to water, heat or air drying. For longer lasting curls on any of the hair, it is recommended to roller set hair with a hair setting lotion.

Malaysian Hair - Malaysian hair at first can appear excessively shiny but after the first 2-3 washes the shine lessens considerably to take on a more natural appearance. Curls will not loosen or drop with time but maintain their form for the entire day. No product is required to maintain the curl. Malaysian hair is also softer and silkier in texture than Indian hair. 
Indian hair tends to dry into a beautiful wave which ranges from a slight wave to very wavy, although it straightens and curls very easily. 
Brazilian Hair is silkier and shinier in texture than Indian Hair. The Straight textures are not bone straight but tend to curly beautifully at the end. This hair holds curls very well and tends to hold curls longer than Indian Hair. 
Peruvian Hair is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Indian and Brazilian hair. It blends well with normal African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. The curly texture becomes more curly when wet or washed.

Did I help you at all to learn something new? I really hope so.

So, of course, I couldn't resist taking a look at their categories and I found interesting three of them.
The first one is called lace closure and there you can find a wide range of beautiful wigs, extensions, etc that will definitely catch your eye.

The second category is all about lace frontal wig and if you don't know what is that take a look at my personal favorite:

The third and the last, but certainly not the least, the category is called 360 lace frontal. To get more info about those items on their site click on the photo below:

But that's not all, they offer free gifts, free shipping, fast delivery (2-4 days) and direct factory price for every order!

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