Electric Skateboard | YES or NO?

Strailboard is a company that designs, manufactures and sells the innovative product called electric skateboard. They also offer a service option and free express shipping which is more then amazing if you ask me.

I know that a lot of people these days love skating but sometimes the old-fashioned wooden skate on 4 wheels is a little bit boring.

The Electric Skateboard is for all of you who enjoy skating but would like to try something more modern and trendy. With this product, you'll definitely stand out in the crowd.

I would like to show you one of my favorites that they offer on their webshop and here is how it looks:

As you can see it has a really cool design, it's made from high-quality materials and it has dual motor wheels, it also comes with remote control with which you can control brake and acceleration. With this skateboard, you can enjoy riding it for hours at high speed and even recharge the battery whenever you want. It can last you a really long time so you don't have to worry that the battery will die. The most important thing is that it ain't that heavy and that it will be easy to carry on when you're not skating or taking a break. Also, you can even accomplish a high speed up to 38/km which is outstanding! I love this skateboard! Also, I recommend you to read the reviews on their website before making a decision of buying it because every single person that ordered it is really satisfied and agrees with my opinion that this skateboard is great for all the people, especially for the beginners. If you aren't sure in your ability when it comes to skating and if you aren't really skilled you will definitely learn to skate with this product more quickly and far easier.

You can shop it here!

Since I introduced you to the product itself and shared my thoughts on it with you, I think that now is the right time to represent to you benefits of having an electric skateboard in my opinion.

The benefits of owning an electric skateboard are many, but I surely wanted to tell you a few ones that I think are the most important. Firstly, with an electric skateboard, you can ride it endlessly without getting tired of skating. Secondly, It's portable and much easier to carry around then a bike for example. And of course, they are much safer to skate on then hover boards or the regular skateboards.

It's also great because It's a lot more fun, it's good for your health because you'll get inspired to go outside and skate by yourself in some park or street or even nature or spend time skating with your friends rather than sitting all day at home and staring at your phone or computer while playing video games. But that's not all, it's also eco-friendly because they have rechargeable batteries and don't produce any smog or pollutants that can harm the planet. You can also accomplish higher speed by skating on it and enjoy skating for hours since the battery is rechargeable and lasts for a long period of time. What's there not to like? I'm impressed! How about you?

Enjoy shopping!

With love,