Jumpsuits & Rompers for Women | AFRICANMALL

Hello, my lovelies! In today's article, I'll be writing about an online store called AfricanMall. If you haven't heard about it here is short info just to get familiar with it:

AfricanMall is a leading multichannel fashion retailer of women’s apparel, accessories, and human virgin hair. They have a relaxed approach to style. Never complicated, always easy. The perfect balance of comfort and fashion, designed for real life. Their philosophy is pretty simple. Whether you like to keep one step ahead of the trends, or if a subtle style is more your thing, they’re sure they’ve got something you’ll love. A new collection each week, they never stop - it’s 24/7 fashion at its best.

Also, I would recommend their site when it comes to shopping online because they have a lot of coupon code available here that you can use to save a lot of money when placing your desired order.

In this article, I'll represent to you a few of my favorite categories from their online store and from each category I'll put a photo of the item that I would like to own from their site (if you want to order it just click on its photo and you'll be redirected).

The first category that I want to mention is called Too Piece Short Set and there you can find a variety of clothing items that come as a set (pants + shirt or skirt + top) for such affordable prices so that every single one of you can afford it.

This is my personal favorite:

I love this two-piece set for many reasons, here are they: The combo of black color and white stripes is great because you can combine this item with almost anything. I really like the design and shape of it because It will make any figure amazing. This two piece set can be wearable together or with some other items which makes it very practical. I love the simplicity of it and how comfortable it looks. What could you possibly want more from it? I'm thrilled!

The second category is a little bit different and its name is Jumpsuits And Rompers for every single one of you who loves to be comfortable and to show their perfect body type. I chose one really cool romper to show it to you, how do you like it?

OMG! When I saw this piece of clothing I was in shock how pretty the design is. It's so simple but It hugs the curves just at the right spots. I love the neckline and the deep V cut, also the wide white stripes on the hips make them look a little bit slimmer which is what every woman wants, right? And am I the only one who thinks that this looks like the most comfortable romper ever? You can dress it up and were it in the club when partying with your friends or even train with it a the fitness center. I love it!

The last, but certainly not the least category is called Rompers For Women, which is very similar to the previous one but in this one you can find a little bit more elegant rompers that don't look as sporty as the one that I showed you in the previous paragraph. Here is which one I would order:

This romper is so adorable that I couldn't resist to show it to you in this article. I love the design of it because ruffles are getting even more popular by the day and also the polka dot print is everything, it's so cute and girly. This romper would fit any body shape and I'm sure of that because It will hide any imperfections and accentuate your curves. I love how comfortable it looks and I think that this material that is made of is pretty great for the hot summer days since It's airy and breathable. If I must choose one item only this would be the one that I would immediately put in my basket. It's so ladylike and It looks like something that a pin-up girl would wear.

That would be all for this article but before I put an end to this post I want to make sure that you'll check this online store out because It really deserves more attention. Since they have a long history of doing this job and producing and selling the most fashionable items ever I think that you should consider them when you shopping online again because they offer a wide range of beautiful clothing pieces and hair extensions and wigs for such affordable prices that you can not find on any other website. I can't wait to try something out from their site and to review it on my blog. I think that they will justify my expectations. What do you think? Would you order something from this site?

Enjoy shopping!

With love,