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Us, women, just love jewelry. That's a fact and we can't do anything about it. That's why jewelry is always a great gift for any woman because every single one of us loves to wear necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. They're so shiny, sparkly and stunning. Nobody could resist them. Right?

Because of that, I came across an article that will help you when it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones whether you are a girl or a boy.

The site that I chose for today's article is called GetNamenecklace and there you can find such amazing customized jewelry pieces that will swipe up you from your feet, believe me.

If you haven't heard about this online store before I recommend you to read short info below:
Getnamenecklace is a jewelry manufacturer that offers fashionable and gorgeous personalized jewelry. They got a professional team of designers to turn names and initials into lovely pieces of jewelry. Wide categories such as name necklaces, monogram choker necklaces, and family pendants come with good quality and competitive pricing via using of the latest jewelry-making technology. Factory procedures are well organized to bring about efficient service delivery. From the technical team right down to shipment agents that process check out of packages, they offer fast, professional and timely delivery as these aspects are major priorities required to satisfy all their clients.

They also offer free international standard shipping on every order and free express shipping on orders over $150. But also they have an option for 99 days to return an item that you aren't satisfied with and also they protect you as a buyer in every single way so that you enjoy secure shopping.

 The first category that I find very interesting is called couples jewelry and there you can find lots of necklace and rings that can be customized for your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. I just love matching couples necklaces and I find that really cute.

This two-piece couples necklace I found the most adorable:

Imagine buying this for your girlfriend (if you are a boy) and how happy she would be after seeing that you care for her this much and that you gave her a personalized gift. She would feel so special!

But what if you have to buy something for your mom/dad or grandma/grandpa? That is a struggle if you ask me, but I have a solution for you.

On their site, you can also find a wide range of personalized birthstone rings that you can customize. You can choose the color and material of the ring, then the birthstone that the ring will be decorated with (for example, you are buying the ring for your mom and you also have a brother and sister so you choose 3 birthstones by the month they are born in and also choose the engraving - your names), engraving for your mom (for example - we love you, mommy,) etc etc. It's such an amazing and thoughtful gift that every mom would love!

Here is an example of it:

You can click here for more options!

Of course, I just can't resist mentioning the most famous personalized gift of all - get name necklace. That's a necklace with your name or the name of your loved ones that can be added on the pendant of the chain itself. You can choose the color, material, name and even font which is beyond amazing. What else could you ask for?

But, if you want a special gift like the necklace with the name but you don't want to put the name of the person that you want to carry it you can buy Carrie's Bradshaw necklace that became a symbol of sex attraction due to her role in the TV show "Sex in the City" and that necklace you can find by clicking on this link: and of course that you can customize it if you just like the style of it but not the name that's engraved.

The last but certainly not the least category that I found interesting is actually a really helpful article that they've published on their online store about how to keep your sterling silver jewelry shiny and never fade or turn green? I think that all of us came across on the problem like this one and after I read the article itself I find out some really cool hacks and advice. I think that the biggest issue that we experienced is the green color on our fingers after wearing a sterling silver ring for a couple of hours or days (depends on the skin) and I finally have an article that will help you so that it will never turn green.

- Enjoy shopping and making your dear ones feel loved!


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