Lolita's Warm Autumn Attire

Lolita is a unique Japanese subculture style that is influenced by the Victorian era. It is daring and beautiful! Having three main sub-styles of Gothic, Classic, and Sweet it brings out many to show their girlish style. Being mainly used as cosplay or an escape into the fantasy of the past. This look highlights a childish fashion with a fancy contrast. We all love it but only some are passionate to pull it off. Inspired by Victorian dolls, women in Japan have brought this style back with class. The Autumn look can be challenging because the outfits seem to have delicate fabric so layers and coats accent this beautiful ensemble. Some in Western culture use this type of outfits for cosplay to live the life of young ladies of the 18th century. To be comfortable in the Autumn season petticoats, yarn support, knit socks, and round-headed shoes are going to for Lolita outfits for the Autumn season.

The characteristic of each outfit varies in style. From the Gothic look to the sweet fluffy dresses, each outfit could show a young lady's personality. The Gothic characteristics are dark, bulky, and simply said, witchy. Most dresses are long but shape forming, which is beautiful on any body. When it comes to the coats that are worn they vary from capes to heavy and thick fabric with accentuating silver buckles. These types of fabric are thicker due to the time that they are mimicking. The time that these outfits are resembling would have been cold and dark so the Lolita style matches the look well.

The Classic look is my personal favorite. The mastery of each and every outfit from dresses to accessories to wigs never fails to show the true talent of the Lolita style. The lace fabric would be a little chilly for the Autumn time but the designers have matched this with contrasting fabrics like wool, chiffon, polyester, silk, and cotton. All these fabrics can help contain heat. Some can absorb water but the great part about Lolita, is the outfits are layers so the proper fabric is against the skin. The embroidery and fabulous prints the come with the Lolita style bring out so much character and that is what most are looking for. As in the 18th century, where handmade attire was a must, the craft has been symbolized in the most perfect way.

Sweet but vintage is a hard path to follow but the Lolita brings it with style. The Sweet style of Lolita is fancy but still has the childhood aspect of the clothing. Fluffy dresses, bows, and ribbons with all the frills needed to complete the look. The shoes are cute and classy that bring the whole outfit to the perfect outcome. Round toed shoes with defining designs of moons and stars or classic all-black shoes are great options for everyone. each of these Sweet styled outfits has great detail that brings out the childish characteristics of the vintage look. These cute styles have even cuter coats! Wool is a great insulator and is what most of the cozy coats are made off. Adding the long length of the coats will help cover kneels and thighs that would be exposed if the beautiful Lolita ladies is wearing a jacket. Heart-shaped pockets and large shaped pockets bring the cutesy form to each coat. 

The beauty of the Lolita coats is memorizing. The classic Lolita Lapel is gorgeous and classic. The folds below the collar wrapping around the shoulder then across the back bring the hood out in a fantastic way. The Sweet Angela Elegant Short Jacket would match great with the trouser outfit or a dress that is longer in length. The fur collar and cuffs of sleeves with making sure the essential areas, like hangs and neck, are cover and warm. Also, the belt being lengthy and able to tie around the waist is a perfect addition to the Lolita look. The Ruffle V Collar Classic is a gorgeous classic for a vintage look and longs for a dramatic look. Still, the coats are made of wool or polyester which will be great for insulation and containing warmth. The Autumn colors the deep greens and deep ruby, for example, uplift the look and feel of Autumn. The addition of hoods on some of the coats will cover the head of the wearer. Conveniently, this adds a great amount of character to the coats. Some coats also have linings of soft fur around the hood, sleeves, and bottom of the coats or cloaks. Stylish and glamorous that is industrial and classic.

My personal favorite coat is the Double-breasted Black Lattices Cute Lolita Women Winter Woolen Hooded Coat. From the hood to the trim, I am in love with this coat. The hood is a generous size if I was wearing a stocking cap with the trim to bring the fancy being that I am to ahead. The lapel is a dramatic drop over the shoulders that made me fall in love with this beautiful coat. Length is a must because of the cold weather environment that I live in and this coat would look great with the background of snow. This coat and it's plaid bring out the Autumn and winter look that I would be looking for. Cute but classy is a must. The sleeves look long and with the extra length added by the fur as the cuffs bring it all together for me. Lastly, I love the large buttons and bow decorations on the pocket area make this coat beautiful and glamorous. 

Lolita style is a hidden gem that the Japanese subculture has brought out in many. Love for a character and a time of life has been designed into each item of clothing. The accessories(Headwear is the best-love for Lolita girls), clothes, and shoes are so unique that the make can be proud of each stitch. .This clothing is not only vintage but rare, that brings out the love of clothing that many strive for.