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Hello, my lovely readers! Are you obsessed with online shopping these days? Because I'm spending hours and hours on websites and adding things to my cart that I don't even need. I guess I'm a real shopaholic and if you're like me then you'll certainly enjoy in a wide range of amazing clothing pieces that are available on Lover-Beauty online store.

Since I always suggest items that are for us, slim and skinny girls I felt the need to search for something else and I found stunning cheap plus size dresses for all of you who are curvy women that wear larger sizes.

I really fell in love with the beautiful pieces that they offer so I decided to show you some of my favorite items that I would definitely wear If I'm a plus size. I wish that they have retro and vintage, cute pieces in smaller sizes too because they're just so adorable and I can't resist not put them in my cart.

Here are some examples:
* If you like any of the shown items below just click on the desirable photo and you'll be automatically redirected.

Besides these awesome dresses, It's also important what you're wearing under them and I think that is equally important to recommend you some great cheap plus size lingerie because bigger sizes of lingerie are always more expansive and not all the models have great design and cut, but on their site, you can find various types of feminine and sexy lingerie that every woman would like to wear, so check it out by clicking here.

Also, I know that the virus is still spreading and that's important for us to stay home due to safety reasons but we all have to go to groceries shopping and to the pharmacy for example at least once a week and because of that we all need protection, so on their site, you can also purchase Personal protective equipment and therefore when you're making an order on their site just put some face masks or gloves in the cart too and you won't need to worry about that too so you'll be protected and safe even when you go out!

Enjoy shopping online and #stayathome!

With love,