It's Spring Time, so Let's Wear Dresses All Day Long! | KIS.NET

Hello, my lovely readers!

Since it's my favorite season of the year I just can't be more excited about the beautiful weather that is nowadays. I know, we are all staying at home due to pandemic but can we just forget about that for a moment and enjoy all the good things that this brought to us. Yeah, we are maybe sad because we can't go out and take a walk when It's a sunny day outside, or because we can't see our friends, or maybe because we miss going to work and miss our freedom, but It's so nice that we finally have some free time for ourselves. Let's just see it as a break from all the obligations that we had and enjoy every second of our free time by spending it on us and our loved ones. One of the ways that help me stay positive is to get ready at home just like I would if I go out. I put on some pretty dress and put my slippers on, get my hair done and nourish my face with all the skincare that is waiting for me to use it. So, don't get excuses to not buy clothes when you can wear them as much as you want at home.

That's why I have another website for a recommendation today. It's called and for the main category that I want to represent to you, I chose dresses of course!

I know that maybe we don't need work-appropriate clothing now but why wouldn't we order sexy formal dresses and spicy up our outfits when we finally go back to work? That sounds great to me!

Here is an example of the dress that I would wear on the first workday:

But, If you don't wear formal clothes when you're at work, maybe you'll like this floral chiffon dress that is great for a walk outside when all of this is behind us or even for wearing at home relaxing and even when doing some home chores, because why not?

Take a look at this one below:

It's such a beautiful piece! I just love it and It would totally be my go-to dress for this Spring!

If you like any of the mentioned items or maybe would like to order something else from their website I have great news for you because on every order that is in total $50 or more you get FREE SHIPPING option!

Enjoy online shopping and #stayhome!