Get cute body Jewelry for your fashion style at wholesale price

Everyone loves to have on a piece of accessory on them, not just for the fashion statement, but because they look good on you. Unfortunately, most fashion body accessories are not long-lasting, and within the year, you might have to replace them two to three times. However, they are beautiful and a fashion statement everyone wants to make.

For entrepreneurs and business people joining this line of the fashion industry is a good choice. Everyone wants to look good, and many want to be a part of the fashion trend. Jewelry is one of the most constant purchase men and women make monthly, so there is a lot of profitability. TradeGets is the best wholesale jewelry supplier from china, to begin with. Recently, it stands out among other supply channels.

For those who love to have a variety of body jewelry and those looking to enter the business, you need an assured and secure channel to buy them. Things get even better when you can buy these items at wholesale prices. This means that you can cut down on expenses and get more products at a time. This way, you can make a gain from each sale. Here is a list of sites other than TradeGets to get cute body jewelry for your fashion style at wholesale price.

List of the best sites to purchase jewelry at wholesale price:

Amazon: As usual, this American based online retail store offers great wholesale prices for body jewelry items. There are hundreds of companies and brands that sell their products on this site, and you can make any of them a loyal customer. If you are lucky, you can also get free shipping from a seller to maximize cost-saving. When choosing a seller, be sure to view their rating and customer feedback. A seller with over four-star rating from more than 30 sellers is more certified.

DHGate: This Chinese online market is another go-to spot for the best body wholesale jewelry. The excellent thing about the brand is that you can buy a minimum of one item and an infinite maximum item. Shipping fees may apply for most of the products here, but you can narrow down your search to items with free shipping. Note that sellers on these platforms are brands, companies, and individuals, so only take those with good ratings and customer feedback.

Aliexpress: This popular e-commerce site offers several businesses a platform to connect to foreign companies and sellers. With an assortment of wholesale jewelry options, you can get multiple designs and qualities all in one place. There is no minimum purchase limit and shipment cuts across several countries.

APM Body Jewelry: This is a site dedicated to body jewelry items. This US-based site offers a collection of wholesale jewelry and piercing options. There is no shortage of items, and there are regular flash sales options for those who love to go through sales. All items can be shipped outside of the country.

NIHAO Jewelry: This is a Chinese based company that is also focused on jewelry. There is a whole section for body jewelry, and you can go through various products at once. There is zero minimum order, and you can ship any product to almost every country. Items are extremely affordable, with a large amount in stock.

Monster steel: This is another US-based e-commerce store that is focused on the sale of wholesale jewelry. The company offers free shipping options for all US-based buyers with a total purchasing value of over $200. The products also ship outside of the country with various shipping charges. 

JewelryBund: This Chinese manufacturer makes only all things jewelry. This is a strictly online company, and all its products are available through their website. There is a minimum order of $80, and they use various shipping methods to get your goods to you. They accept PayPal and debit card payments. If you enjoy Asian type fashion, you can get a lot of their wholesale jewelry designs from this company.

Wholesale body jewellery: This is another site that is dedicated to body jewelry. This British brand offers a host of body jewelry options. As a certified brand, you can purchase their products and have them shipped to you anywhere. Their minimum purchase amount is 50 pounds sterling.

Everybody jewelry:  Is another US site that is dedicated to jewelry. There are many options for body jewelry, and US-based citizens can enjoy free samples shipped to them. They ship everywhere in the world, but there is a minimum purchasing price of $50. For those who want free shipping, you need to spend over $700 on their site.


There are countless alternatives for you to enjoy the wholesale purchase of body jewelry. You should do your research and compare prices among different brands, companies, sellers, and products. Those who seek products with precious natural materials like gold and silver would need to directly contact some of the sellers.