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Hello everybody! In today's article, I'll be representing an online store that I already mentioned on my blog a couple of times before, so I guess you're quite familiar with it.

In case, that you hear about AW Bridal for the first time, here is a short introduction to the company itself.

They were established in Nevada, USA in 2011, and the year after that they set up their goal which was and still is "Creating Happiness for Brides and Bridesmaids, and all of ours customers". In 2014 they added a boutique wedding accessory product line, and since then they can brag about the fact that they served over 2 million brides and bridesmaids. They expanded their market to Asia, Europe, UK, North America, and Australia. AW Bridal provides FREE customization service for every dress to ensure our customers can get comfortable and Haute couture-feeling dresses. In 2020 they finished the upgrade of the website and product line to offer a better user experience to our customers.

What are your thoughts on the company after reading this?

- I'm absolutely blown away by the facts that I've just read and I can't wait to find out what's yet to come.

They have a beautiful and stunning range of wedding dresses in every price range possible so that everyone can afford their dream dress. Also, on their webshop, you can find a lot of other dresses and gowns that can be worn by bridesmaids, maids of honors, etc.

The first category that I decided to take a look at is called AW Wedding Dresses because there you can find a gorgeous selection of dresses that are on sale right now.

Here are my favorites:

Which one is your favorite?

Mine would be the second one because it's simple, minimalistic, and it accentuates the curves in the best way possible.

The next category is slightly different since It's about bridesmaids who are also an important part of the wedding day and they should be treated like that, with a nice outfit and for that, I would recommend AW bridesmaid robes.

Here is my personal choice:

Look at this gorgeous color? Are you a fan of it?

The last dress that I wanted to show you is very special because It would be my number one choice, and I just couldn't resist showing it to you in this article by itself since I want it to get the special treatment. You can find it by the name AW Jessie wedding dress!

Would you like to wear this dress on your special day?

- Are you currently searching for a perfect dress for your special day?

Now is the right time to purchase it on the AW Bridal webshop since you can get 10% off on your order if you're a new customer (use code NEWTOAW10), and if you decide to purchase more dresses then one (maybe for your bridesmaids), you can enjoy free shipping on orders that consist of 3 or more dresses. By the way, if you want to feel the fabric before you actually decide to buy the whole dress, you can get free samples on their website, just click here to find out how!

With love,