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Hello, guys! In today's article, I'm writing about another website that I already mentioned in some of my previous articles. You're probably already heard about these best wig websites since they're quite popular, but Uniwigs is special because of its story of how it all began and how they decide to produce and sell wigs online.

Here is a quick introduction to the website itself, before I introduce you to the part of their wide range of beautiful red hair extensions:

UniWigs is a company which founder was inspired by her close friend who was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair. In order to help her find out the best wig possible, that will look as close to human hair as possible, she decided to start up a company which name I already mentioned. Determined to find her a hair loss solution, beautiful hair was made for her, which was an extremely rewarding feeling. Now, inspired to help more people experiencing hair loss or those who just want a quick hairstyle change, UniWigs was born in 2012 as an online platform to support women and men and provide a professional hair solution. With now over 150 staff members and 3 different office locations, UniWigs has grown to where we are today, and it's all thanks to you, their customers! Uniwigs now continues to deliver products every day and we are at no rate of slowing down! Finally, we know how amazing it can feel to have beautiful hair unique to you, and we think that everybody deserves to feel that way.

Beautiful and inspiring story? It surely is and that's why I'm more than excited to show you what they have to offer.

If you're suffering from hair loss, or maybe you want to spice up your hairstyle with some new wig, I have a beautiful grey wig to show you and maybe inspire you to spice up your look!

Here it is:

Do you like it? It's so unique and stunning! If you want to order it or find out some more info about its quality, click on the photo above and you'll be automatically redirected.

Before I reveal to you something more exciting and some benefits when ordering on the Uniwigs website, let me quickly show you their offer of extensions.

Here is an example of an extension available in multiple colors:

Besides these, I just couldn't resist to show you my favorite wig from synthetic wigs category:

Isn't it beautiful? It looks so realistic! This one is truly the prettiest wig I've ever seen.

The second one that is my favorite is from the human wig category. It's a bit expensive, but It looks just like real hair and this solution is perfect for all of you that seek something like that.

Here it is:

How do you like my selection? Which wig from the shown above is your personal favorite?

If you decide to make an order on the UniWigs website keep in mind that if you sign up on their website you can get free gifts, $20 off on orders over $100 and you can enjoy free international shipping if you're order is $129 or more.

Enjoy shopping online, stay at home and stay safe!

With love,


  1. Draga Milice, sjajan ti je sadrzaj na blogu. Za ovaj sajt jos uvek nisam cula, ali vidim da imaju sjajnu ponudu.

    Bilo bi mi drago da posetis moj blog i/ili instagram, pa se mozemo tako pratiti.

    IG: @phdlady

    Puno pozdrava,

    1. Hvala najlepše, draga Aleksandra! ❤ Imaš novog pratioca! 😊

  2. Često razmišljam o tome kako bih izgledala s nekom drastično drugačijom bojom kose od svoje prirodne, a ovakve perike bi sigurno bilo zabavno nositi. :)

  3. These wigs look natural! Thanks for sharing!


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