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Hello, my lovely readers. In today's article, I'm writing about an online store that you're probably already familiar with since I wrote a couple of different articles about Newchic wide selection of trendy and affordable items.

Since Summer is approaching, I decided to pick a few categories that are quite popular nowadays on their online store, and I couldn't resist showing you my favorites from each category that I'm going to represent to you in this post.

The first category that I've picked for you and that I think that you would be interested in is called bohemian maxi dresses, and as its name says, there you can find a wide range of gorgeous long dresses that are inspired by the Summer itself so that's why they are really colorful, made from light materials and fashionable enough to be worn in any occasion, especially on the beach, pool, etc.

Blue is such a stunning color and looks beautiful on almost every single skin tone. It reminds me of the color of the sea and that's why I chose to show you this one as my ultimate favorite since I couldn't resist it and would like to own it in my closet for this summer.

Besides bohemian dresses, one category is pretty similar because It offers lace maxi dress, but It's a bit simpler and there you can find dresses in just one color, without the prints, etc. Here is my pick from that category:

Lace is such a gorgeous material, ladylike and feminine. It's so elegant and sophisticated and that's why the dresses made out of it are perfect for almost any occasion that is happening in Summer. It's airy material, the skin can breathe through it, and that why It's so comfortable. It would definitely be my first choice!

Something that is quite trendy right now is butterfly print and I've come across a blouse that is called butterfly blouse and is perfect as a representer of that two aspects. Take a look at it below:

Of course, that is not the end of this post. I have a lot of more items up my sleeve to show you in the next portion of the article.

To keep everything Summer themed, I just had to pick something from the category that will be of much help to all of you - stunning ladies with few extra pounds and that is cheap plus-size swimwear.

Here is my suggestion for you:

This swimsuit accentuates all the beautiful curves on this plus-size model and makes the waist look a lot slimmer which is what every woman wants. I bet it would look gorgeous on any body type, but especially on the plus-size one.

For the last, but certainly not the least, category that I've picked for this article I wanted to show you something that is quite popular on Newchic website, and that is a sexy sports bra. We all feel a lot more motivated to work out when we buy some new and pretty workout clothes, so this is your call to choose a new sports bra that will help you get in shape for this Summer that is just around the corner.

I've chosen this one to put on my wishlist, so how do you agree with my selection?

Before I put an end to this article, I just quickly want to recommend you Newchic Summer Sale promotion that you can use as your secret weapon to save more money and still be able to freshen up your closet. Take a look at the banner below and click on it for more info:

That's it, I hope that you find this article helpful!

Enjoy shopping online, stay safe at home!

With love,