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Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog once again! In today's article, I'll write about an online store that has a wide range of fashionable and trendy shoes that will definitely caught your attention. I've selected a few pairs that I've immediately put on my wishlist and I can't wait to show them to you. Shoessee is definitely a place where you can start your fashion preparation for the upcoming season. There you can find fashion shoes for women, and the reason I've chosen this website, in particular, is its affordableness. 

Before I show you my recommendations for this Autumn, I just quickly want to tell you some more information about the website itself.

Shoessee was a privately owned company since 2014, and after deciding to visit Italy - the home of best shoe makers, they decided to expand their business through the Instagram platform and later on to their online store. Their main focus is the design of fashionable, trendy, and unique shoes that everybody can afford. The materials that they're using in the process of making are high-quality and durable, so that's the main reason why they have so many satisfied customers worldwide.

Since Summer is ending and the new season is slowly approaching, they have an awesome sale right now, and I just couldn't resist informing you about that before anything else.

Click on the banner below to find out some more info about the Semi-Annual sale that is happening right now on the Shoessee site. I've wouldn't miss it since besides their awesome discounts they offer free shipping worldwide on every order above $79. By the way, with this semi-annual sale, you can get coupons that will save you a lot of money. Here are they:
$5 off over $59 - UA5
$10 off over $89 - UA10
$20 off over $150 - UA20

Finally, I can show you some of my favorite picks and maybe give you an idea of what you need in your collection this Autumn!

* If you like any of the shown pairs just click on its photo and you'll be automatically redirected!

As you can see, I've chosen one pair from each most popular categories. The pistachio green sandals are on a discount now, and if you're going to some warmer regions this September, like me, they're a must-have! Also, you can buy them now and keep them 'till the next year, why not? When it comes to boots, these are the ones that I usually wear. They're called Martin-style boots and for the price that is listed on their website, this is quite a catch! Sneakers are what we all need this Autumn to spice our casual combinations into something trendy and modern. These ones are easy to combine and that's why I love them!

 If you like what you see, then visit the Shoessee website and maybe check another category that will inspire your shopaholic mind. It's called womens flat shoes! Don't miss the opportunity to get some new pair of shoes that will truly last you for such cheap prices!

Stay safe at home, do all the shopping online!

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  1. Uvek mislim da za jesen imam najveci izbor cipela zbog promena vremena, i tnke cizme i zatvorenije sandale i ravne cipele....


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