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Hello, fellow shopaholics! Are you excited about this article like me? Girlmerry is a well-known website that has a wide selection of gorgeous fashion items created to satisfy your trendy fashion taste, and that's why I can't wait to tell you more about their great offer of wholesale dresses that will definitely catch your attention!

Before I show you some of my favorite picks for this, upcoming season, I just have to mention something about the history of this online store, how it all started, what is their mission, etc.

Girlmerry was founded back in 2009 and now is a leading international online fashion clothing wholesale store, focusing on the very latest and affordable fashion style. They aim to provide an extensive range of high-quality, trendy fashion clothing - not only at the lowest prices but also with a professional dedicated service. Their main goal is to offer quality items at competitive factory-direct prices. Their motto is - the more you buy, the more you save, and that's why they're that successful.

Check out a video about their company below:

I've created a wishlist with cheap sexy dresses, that are the best choice for this Fall and I bet you'll like them too since they're a true must-have and such a statement piece!

P.S. Only in September there is a discount for 10% off, use it right now! 

The first dress that I included in my wishlist is something very similar to my favorite autumn dress, which I already have in my wardrobe. This cut is great for every body shape, the dress is flowy and elegant at the same time and hugs the body where is needed, so it fits amazing on every woman. It's available in many sizes, and due to its neutral-brown color, it can be easily combined with such a huge variety of items. I would personally wear it with some black tights, black leather martins like boots and a black leather backpack. Amazing, right?

Check it out here!

The second dress is quite minimalistic. Bodycon is a true must-have this season and this dress would be awesome for Fall because it's made from sweater-like material. It's cozy, warm, and comfortable. I love it! How about you?

For more info, click here!

My 3rd choice is this dress that is available in my favorite color - burgundy. The style is very feminine and ladylike. It could be easily styled with almost anything in your wardrobe, but would definitely look best with some cowboy boots and a simple bag in the same color. Just like in the photo above!

Click here to check it out on the website!

The second to last dress is such an adorable piece of clothing! I bet you already fell in love with the cute flower print, because I am, and I was as soon as I saw it on the website. It looks so put together, and you don't have to spice it up with anything, It already brings so much to the outfit! Stunning!

If you like it, you can get it - here!

Drums please - the final dress is in the most gorgeous color ever - mustard yellow. It's so beautiful that I can't keep my eyes off of it. Do you consider it as a statement piece this fall or is it just me that is so obsessed with it and sees it as a new trend?

Click here for more info!

By the way, if you decide to buy something from their website don't forget their 12th anniversary, because they offer 10% off on every order that you place right now! Go and get your favorite Autumn pieces!

With love,