Best Wigs for Women | Human Hair or Synthetic? They have both at UNIWIGS!


Uniwigs is an online store that you're probably already familiar with since I dedicated quite a few articles about their offer. On their website, you can find various types of wigs, made out of synthetic hair or human hairpieces.

Synthetic wigs for women are definitely more affordable and cheaper than the ones made from human hair, but they are still very high-quality and definitely the best ones that you can find on the online markets. The price-quality ratio is really, really good and that's why I have to show you an example of what you can find in their wide range of wigs made from synthetic hair pieces.

Here is the one that really caught my intention since It really looks like it's real hair:

This wig is absolutely gorgeous if you ask me. I like how the hair looks healthy and shiny, and the way it's styled. It's full of volume and you don't have to worry about your hairstyle since It's already curly, like you just went to the hair salon.

Of course, there is another affordable option on their website that really intrigued me. Since human hair wigs can be quite expensive, but you still want to wear a wig that looks pretty natural, you can get a synthetic hair extension, and order crown hair extensions that are made from human hair. That way, the top of the wig (that usually gives away if the wigs are unnatural or natural-looking), can be made out of human hair and look just like your own hair, and you can save money by using synthetic extensions below the top part, so you'll get the best from both worlds, for much less money.

Here is an example of how human topper can look like:

Of course, if you want to invest money in as realistic wigs as possible, then Uniwigs is definitely the online store that is trustworthy. There are thousands of excellent reviews, and the wigs actually look like real hair, which is absolutely mind-blowing.

If you're suffering from hair loss, or if you've maybe had some health problems and due to chemotherapy you've unfortunately lost your hair, this is a way to go. Curly human hair wigs are made from human hair pieces, look as natural as possible, have volume, are shiny, and are soft to touch. I'm absolutely thrilled with them.

Here is an example of the human hair wig:

Maybe it's a bit expensive, but it's definitely worth every penny. I truly recommend it!

Stay safe, shop online!

With love,