Valentine's Day Special | Cheap & Sexy Lingerie on GIRLMERRY

GirlMerry is probably already familiar to all of you since I dedicated a few articles on my blog with their wide range of gorgeous fashionable items with such affordable pricing.

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner and probably lots of you already have in mind what you would give to your loved one or maybe buy some present for yourself, because why not? Self-love is important too. This article is a great way to show you some gift ideas!

Anyway, even guys can be surprised with their girlfriends wrapped up as a gift in a gorgeous cheap & sexy lingerie, and that's also the main subject of this article too. Besides that, sometimes we - women like to feel confident, feminine and enhance our beauty with some lingerie that makes us feel sexy, comfortable, and attractive. So, this can be a gift to yourself too!

I've come across so many gorgeous underwears and I can't wait to show you what I hand-picked as my personal favorite.

Here are the examples of what you can find on their website:

This one-piece that consists of a baby pink floral body and leg rings is a great example of how you can look feminine and cute while being sexy and attractive. I really like it since it's so unique and adorable, and it also reminds me of Spring because of this gorgeous floral embroidery. It's quite inexpensive too and so affordable if you compare it to the prices in our stores, in Serbia.

The second item is also sexy lingerie, but this time two-piece that consists of a bralette bra, waist halters, and also a pair of thong lace underwear. It's simple, and the lace makes it look so attractive and sexy. Agree?

The third item is in white if you like to feel innocent and more feminine. It looks good on any skin color and would fit all body sizes. It's simple but so beautiful!

This one is like a fairytale! It's sheer and it's decorated with floral lace details, but still looks simple and quite unique. It's a three-piece consisting of a wired bra that gives support to the breast area, waist halter, and cute underwear. Like it?

The last, but certainly not the least, is this three-piece lingerie set that consists of a bralette, waist halters with leg rings, and thongs. It's decorated with black elastic bands and red lace. So sexy, attractive, and irresistible! It's so bold!

Since the main topic is wholesale lingerie, I wanted to also include some nightgowns, and here are a few examples from my wish list:

This babydoll is so adorable and it's looking quite comfy too! I love it because it makes a figure look curvier and also enhances all the beauty of the hourglass figure-shaped body.

This babydoll is made out of satin, it's quite comfortable and looks so sexy and feminine. It also comes with a satin robe!

The last one is a nightgown that is a bit more casual than the others. It could be for anyone! I really like it because it looks so vintage, retro, and unique. What do you think?

Before I put an end to this post, I just want to recommend you to take a look at this GirlMerry video at this link: , there you can find a lot more info about the website itself.

Stay safe, shop online!

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