Hello, everybody! Welcome to a new article about an online store I haven't written about. I was so thrilled when I found out about the website called Wholesale7, and I can't wait to share my favorite trendy pieces with you.

If you aren't familiar with the website itself and would like to learn more about it, don't worry, I prepared a little introduction. 

Wholesale7 is an online store that mainly focuses on providing new arrivals daily, that is trendy, modern, and made from high-quality materials. They offer fashionable clothing and accessories at factory prices, which blows my mind since I can confirm the affordable pricing that I saw on their website. Anywho, since 2011, wholesale7 has accumulated a lot of wholesale experience and a good reputation by sticking to honesty, high quality, and good customer service. Its mission is to put an effort into creating professional, fashionable and diverse clothing wholesale site, to provide an affordable, reliable, and excellent vendor for small retailers and boutiques to start their business. So, no matter where you live, you can get quick worldwide delivery of clothing to start your own business and be able to earn money because of the wholesale prices. Of course, maybe you just want to buy something for yourself, and that's also possible since you can choose the amount of the item that you want to purscase. Ordering is very easy, and safe, which is the most important factor when buying online.

I assume that you clicked on this article to find out where to buy trendy summer clothing, and that's exactly the main topic. But, I also wanted to show you a few examples of their wide offer.

Firstly, I would start with the category called sexy string bikini, since I'm going on a vacation in less than 10 days and I would like to wear a bikini just like this one. It's so suiting, and makes the figure look amazing! Take a look at it below:

As you can see, it's available in two different colors and it comes with a cover-up as well. I love the simple design of the bikini bottom and the way it doesn't overshine the upper part which is so unique due to the golden circle decoration. How do you like it?

Next, I want to represent another category that caught my attention, but a little bit different since It's more formal but still trendy and casual. Take a look at blazer with shorts outfit, because I can't seem to take my look away from the gorgeous design and stunning color options.

First option:

Isn't it such a unique and trendy two-piece set? It would be amazing for a night out, or even daily wear. I can't imagine how good this white-colored one would look like on a tanned body. I need to have it in my closet this summer. What are your thoughts?

Second option:

This is a bit more casual set, but it still provides such a cool look. Don't you agree? My favorite would be the mint/light green-colored one. Which color do you prefer?

As you can assume from these pieces, wholesale is just the right place to shop for some trendy items at affordable prices. But, that's not all, they always offer some more discounts and you can find them by searching through their website. I can give you a little sneak peek - search for a new customer discount or student discount!

Stay safe, do the shopping online, at home!

With love,