In a need of more sustainable clothing available online? | Choose RIHOAS!

 Hello guys, I'm so excited about this article since I'm going to present to you one of my favorite online stores, called Rihoas.

Rihoas was founded in 2021, by young people living in Hong Kong. The visual appeal, the romance, the artistry of females in all their complexity - that is what inspired them to create timeless fashion, that is only seen in the movies.

What differentiates this brand from the rest is the materials they use, which are high-quality linen (usually used for summer tops and dresses) cotton made of natural fibers (usually used for t-shirts and dresses), viscose (usually used for summer clothing), and high-quality polyester (used usually for delicate clothing that would not need ironing).

Since I'm in love with all of the items available on their website, I had such hard time picking a few items to showcase to you. But, I'm thrilled to show you what's been hiding in my wishlist so far and I can't wait to order some of these items and get to wear them out and about. :)

Here is my wishlist:
*By clicking on the photo of the shown item, you'll be automatically redirected to the website.

Each of these items is so beautiful on its way, and I just can't choose the number 1. They're equally stunning and would look great as a Winter must-have piece. Definitely, something that we all need to spice up our outfits and feel warm and comfortable this Winter!

P.S. No, they don't have just sweaters and tops in their shop, It's just that I'm looking for those items currently. But, I strongly advise you to check out their bottoms (jeans, pants, skirts, shorts), dresses and even accessories!

If you decide to make an order, take a look at the banner below since I have some exciting news to share with you:

As you can see, currently they have Christmas SALE, and with every order above $99 you're eligible to receive a free gift.

Besides that, you can enjoy a promotion called "Buy one Get One 20% off" with code 20MC, get $15 off on orders over $100 with code 15MC, and $50 off on orders over $200 with code 50MC!

Stay safe, do the shopping online and save your money by getting the most fashionable and sustainable pieces this season!

Take care,