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Hello guys, in today's article I'm going to represent a brand called Bublédon. If you aren't familiar with it, here is a short description of what they offer and how it became what they are today:

Bublédon is a multi-online store that aims to provide high-quality fashion items that everyone can afford. On their website, you can find various categories, and among the most popular ones are tops, dresses, shoes & accessories, along with the men's section and plus-size models. So, everyone can enjoy their wide range of fashionable items, whether you're a woman or a man.

They are different from other brands because they offer comfortable, natural, and casual clothing pieces and accessories, as well as shoes for every season.

At Bublédon, they love to say, "We believe that our products made from high-quality fabrics would change the way we feel, improve the way we work, and inspire a positive attitude towards life.", and, I have to say that I totally agree with this!

Today, I chose one special category that definitely needs more recognization, and that is the category called SHOES! Because the outfit is successful only if the shoes match the rest of it. So the shoes are equally, or even more important than the rest of the clothing items.

When it comes to Winter, the most often pair that I wear are definitely some kind of chunky heel booties. So, here are some of my picks from that category:

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This pair is exactly what I'm looking for, and this is definitely the style I most enjoy wearing. It totally fits with my personality and fashion taste. I love edgy clothing, especially when I'm going out, and these boots remind me of a pair I once owned and loved! The chunky heel makes them very sturdy and comfortable, and the leather design with shoe laces makes them grungy and gothic.

This pair is definitely more elegant and simple-looking, but It caught my eye because of the front zipper. I just wish it was in silver. But, I know a lot of you prefer gold over silver, so I bet you would like to own them for sure!

The last pair from this category is something that a lot of you would love to wear, and I have to say that I'm stunned by this pair as well. It's so simple, but elegant and would look great with any outfit. Love the suede look and the way that they're suitable for everyday wearing.

Besides boots, we all need to have some nice elegant shoes for special occasions, and that's why I chose to present you next chunky heel sandals. Found so many gorgeous pairs, so I can't wait to show them to you.

So, without further ado, here are they:

Btw. Yes, they are all in beige color, but you can find them in so many different ones.

These slip sandals caught my attention because you can just throw them on, and hit the road. They're so stunning! I love how they hug the foot and give stability due to the wide heel.

The second pair I chose to show you is something that everyone should have in their collection. They are easily combined with skirts, dresses, and even jeans. The belt part is gorgeous and would elongate your legs.

The last pair is totally adorable! Bow-tie at the back is such a feminine and ladylike decorative piece. I love them!

But, that's not all, I still have one more pair to show you, and that pair falls into the category called thick heel pumps.

Take a look at it below:

I always wanted to own a pair just like this, with a pointy heel, but as a sandal, open in the middle. The heel is also very sturdy and comfortable, so you wouldn't feel any pain from wearing them for a long period of time. They're timeless pieces, that would never fall out of fashion trend. I would order them without thinking! :)

Which pair is your favorite?

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Do the shopping online, comfortably sitting on a chair or laying in a bed!

Take care,